Re-Connection 2015                              Freedom Day - Bassline, Johannesburg



Music as common language has long been the cornerstone of our projects, and Re-connection Africa passionately embraces the notion that music humanizes where differences divide.

The tragic xenophobic outbreaks in our country, if anything, add impetus to our commitment to escalate and grow the activities of this special project.

Re-Connection Africa

Re-Connection Africa is the banner and directional theme under which Making Music Productions drives projects and events which play a reconstructive role as South Africa reintegrates nationally, and with Africa, into the global community.

The project was launched with Manu Dibango's visit to South Africa in 1993, a visit which heralded South Africa's re-connection with the music and culture of the African continent. Tours of Salif Keita, Ismael Lo, and Angelique Kidjo followed.

Subsequently, the programme has included projects and workshops - with a special focus on youth - rebuilding links between communities, countries and cultures. Early projects included the Youth Music Initiative, an artists in residence programme on Robben Island.

Transformation is integral to Re-Connection. Projects prioritise development, introducing new sounds, audiences, technology and ideas. Heritage is a common focal point, as illustrated with the South African Freedom Songs, a cd produced in partnership with Mayibuye Archive, and which brought into circulation liberation songs which were previously banned in South Africa.

Project partners include cultural agencies, NPOs, and the private sector. Re-connection Africa is currently working with Concerts SA, taking music performances to schools, and stimulating the growth of a South African live music circuit. We have also input towards annual Africa Month celebrations, our priority annual event.

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The website - a resource on South African and African music - is a core Re-Connection Project.