Zouk legends KASSAV staged their debut South African show in Johannesburg on Sunday 26 April 2015.



In its 24 year history Making Music Productions has produced, managed, and/or creatively directed, numerous significant events, such as the Official Millennium Celebration on Robben Island (attended by then-President Thabo Mbeki and ex-President Nelson Mandela, and countless dignitaries and heads of state); Thabo Mbeki’s Inauguration, and most recently City Hall Sessions (2011 - 2014) - a project aimed at repositioning Cape Town's City Hall as a cultural space for diverse sound experiences.


With City Hall Sessions, we used music as a universal medium, inviting Cape Town’s entire social spectrum to fraternise in the iconic building. By repurposing the monuments of the past, the city’s citizens could together project a future based on collaboration, diversity, knowledge, heritage and accessibility.

Event Production

Making Music Productions (MMP) has been in the business of servicing all manner of music events for more than two decades. Our wide spectrum of skills range from site preparation and stage design, through to technical design and application.

We understand Production as the coming together of human and technical resource, and our preparations and pre-production lay the foundation for seamless interface of those two key resources when show time arrives.


Planning and contingency scoping are also the ingredients for safe and enjoyable experience, and we accord these considerations a priority beyond the “safety compliance” as informed by local and national government guidelines.

Depending on the scale of event, production will encompass procurement, briefing and management of Artists, Crew, Safety and Security staff, configuration of Technical Hardware.

Production is never a “one size fits all” pursuit, and MMP always designs and tailors production to the specific event at hand.


Moreover, our preferred crew and suppliers also  share pride in always playing a part towards establishing new benchmarks for service excellence in cultural events.



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